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    Thirty minutes, class mode. Only female nude models.

    Trying to get rid of that stiffness in my figures. 2B->6H when it comes to quick sketches (sorry for those light sketches guys). Unfortunately, I don't know how to add details. The last image (the 10 minutes one) was drawn three times because I didn't know what details to add.

    Thanks for all help and support that you are giving me.

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    you might need to study something about

    1.human body proportion>then start to understand anatomy


    There is some information about these in the link.

    In the same time, try not to use h pencil to draw cuz it's really hard to read. 2b is fine.

    Practicing to start your line with straight but curve line, if it's a curve line, separate it to 3-4 straight line, cuz curve line is always harder to control than straight line.

    Your drawing seems to me that you probably want to focus more on build the right shape for the figure. Don't try to read the detail. Read more about the big shape.

    hope these suggestions work for you! Keep practicing!



    One thing that might help your figure drawing is to just try and figure out how the masses of the body are interacting before adding detail. For example, when presented with the figure look at how the chest is in relation to the pelvis; is it twisted on top of it, are the shoulders pointing a different direction than the hips, is there an arch or any bend in the waist between these masses. Once you you have the center of the body you could try placing the head on top (using simple shapes for all this, boxes, spheres) and then go into the arms/legs.

    Getting this framework or armature will help speed up any attempt to make the figure look naturalistic.

    In the future once you have this understanding you can start breaking up the figure more, adding big muscle groups etc.

    This is mainly for long pose though! The looseness in your short poses are great and keep that up as practicing gesture will make you more confident in laying down detail quickly. Just make sure to think of the figure in 3d and its masses!


    Thanks for the video, I already watched it. But at this point, it's time to finally go through the whole course.


    *I had already watched it.


    Thanks for the advice, LoveLifeDrawing and Proko have good information on how to divide the body. Also, how do you know that I struggle to see the body as a 3d mass?

    Do you have further resources on this argument?


    Hi, DragoNano. I'm not so great at art but I noted a few things in your post. I'd encourage you to use confident strokes for each curve and think about the proportions as you draw. You don't need to worry too much about the proportions but they'd sure help.


    Thanks for the advice.


    I'd suggest studying the human skeleton and musculature so that you get a good sense of how the body parts interlink, and how weight is held. You have a very strong sense of shape, though, and in a non-realism art style that could be really cool to see developed.


    Thanks, I think that non-realism is my strong point. I will study anatomy in the next few days.

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