Day 3-4-5: Gesture and figure drawing, Electric Boogaloo.

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    First of all, I want to thank everyone who has critiqued my previous two sessions and it's helping me improve. Critiquing other people has been a blessing for my drawings.

    I want to make my drawing look less stiff, and also learn the correct proportion of the human body. I am proud of my three-day streak. , from day 4 onwards I started to write the time it took me to draw a figure. The drawings are roughly in order of time taken.

    I noticed that my not knowing the proportion of the human body is hurting my drawings. If you look well you will see that the shoulder length is more than a bet than a calculated line. Also, I don't know how to properly represent the curves of the human silhouette (you can see this in the 1-minute drawings), the lines feel too rigid and "inhuman" like I am drawing some robots.

    You will also see that in the longer drawings I often repeat the same figures. This is because often, around the 5-6 minute mark, I don't know what to add. My eye is not yet trained to distinguish the various muscles mass and how they interact, so I just mark a line here in there, hoping to represent that or this bone.

    There is also the fact that my drawings are starting to become automatic. I don't know exactly how to push myself into that flow state again.

    Even if all those errors, I am proud of the fact that I am improving.

    PS: There is a Doh near a 30s drawing, this is when I realized that I had misclicked and selected 30s posses instead of class mode.
    There is also a Panick! Near a drawing. This is when I accidentally pressed the skip button on the 10m drawing. This is also why the shading is so different from my other drawings.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that I am switching to an overhand grip. Since some lines and curves are nearly impossible to do smoothly with a writing grip.

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    Hey there!
    Some advice that could help, (and I know is easier said than done lol) is to practice drawing what you're seeing, and not what you know.

    I think to make these a bit less stiff, you should practice more curving lines, and dissect the bodies that you're seeing into smaller pieces.
    The tutorial that line-of-action provides, is easy to overlook, but it is quite useful. Link here, here, and here

    Other than that, practice does help a lot :)


    Thanks for the advice, I am have see Proko initial videos again, I have noticed so many tips that I hadn't noticed before.

    Also, for the seeing vs knowing, I realize that I can put my phone upside down.
    I have also skimmed again the articles. Yep, still, a lot of roads to do.

    Best wishes and thanks for your time and effort.

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