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    so this is the third day where i trained gesture, i feel like there's a lot of improvement i can do here, but i am a bit happy with what i've done today. I did 3 minutes for each pose, as i feel like it's the perfect amount of time for me as a beginner.

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    Good morning, Lebroskis, and welcome to Line of Action! How are you doing this morning? Say, you're doing a mighty finer job on your forms and forces of your figures, however, they all seem too geometric to me yet, so why don't you please make them even more organic but looser with 10 minutes of 2 minute pose sketches? (all flipped vertically, but flipped horizontally next, 5 sketches)

    As a result, your poses will become less stiffer but more fluider but flowing in the organic shapes and forms. For more information, please look into the PDFs of the 2 Walt Stanchfield books here, and here!

    My hat's off to you.


    Great job with your practice! Gesture drawing is tough and there is nothing wrong with longer timed poses. But I do have some advice on how to build up that speed.

    When you decide to do shorter sessions, I reccomend drawing the figures with a different, easier to implement technique. As of right now, your figures follow a lot of rules for form. Boxes and tubes and often specific body parts. These are all good things to know and use but short gesture drawings are all about getting the simpler forms of the body on the paper, for you to practice seeing the whole body instead of just focusing on just the "important" parts. For example, you took your time drawing those glutes on that one figure, but you didn't plan ahead enough to make room for the entire body and had to cut the person off at the legs.

    So when you do try to do shorter time lengths, there is no shame in fancy stick figures to represent the body. Heck, I enjoy using the scribble technique to really get my brain out of a rut, where I just scribble the body down with erratic panicked movements. I reccomend searching "Gesture Drawing" on youtube and picking a gesture drawing style that you think you can implement and try. There are ton of them out there, none of them are the wrong or right way, just the one that is wrong or right for YOU.


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