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    Hi everyone. I've been struggling to understand what the deltoids look like when the arms are raised, especially at the origin points. I did a few studies today and would love any feedback - thanks all!

    Link to Deltoid Studies

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    I really think your detoid studies are getting on the right track, Legacy55, and I feel like you're getting there.

    To answer your question, as far as the moving deltoids go, here is a YouTube video right down here:

    Would you please watch and study this video? Oh, furthermore, could you please take screen shots of this one cropped on the video's size, just for reference??

    The arguement is as a result, they are totally useful for your quick sketch studies, for 10 minutes of 30 second quick studies, all flipped horizontally and/or vertically, and/or grayscale, on your computer.

    The other reason why is because, you'd be able to be more faster and confident in your muscle line quality and control, and consistency.

    For some extra credit, should you please be sure to look at this link of Eliot Goldfinger Human Anatomy PDF:

    So, good luck, and I hope you'll find these and you've found those completely and totally useful.


    That's a great resource, thank you! This video is terrific. I'll post some additional deltoid studies when I get a chance.

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