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    I will take any advice I can get to improve these:

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    What do you like about them? Anything?

    It’s easy to find all kinds of flaws in timed figure drawings. They’re intended as a way to make a lot of mistakes very quickly. Mistakes are part of the point.

    But you also hopefully have found stuff you like. Maybe you thought you couldn’t draw a person in 2 minutes. Maybe you drew a pose you thought was impossible. Maybe you got one really nice line that says exactly what you wanted. Maybe you realized you can do more than you thought with stick figures.

    Anyway, these look like they’re doing what they’re supposed to... you’re drawing and you’re making mistakes. But if you don’t have a goal or things you like in what you have done it’s hard to move forward.

    If you are just doing steady timed sets and you haven’t tried class mode that is the first thing I’d try. A 30 minute class is a good way to warm up and hopefully still leave you with energy for fun drawing. Shifting from drawings that feel impossibly short to gradually longer drawings will give you a consistent feeling of improving, which is important to learning. And for me at least, the very short poses are the spot where it’s easiest to see improvement from day to day.


    Not liking your art is a natural part of being an aspiring artist. It's a feeling that will never go away completely. It's not the sketches themselves that matter, it's the fact that you're putting effort in the practice yourself. What really matters is that as you continue to put in your practice, you'll start to notice little things to focus on, similarities between poses, little things that you'll get just a little bit better at. When you put in a longer, more serious piece out later, you'll notice definitive improvements over your last serious attempt and you'll suddenly become proud of all your effort. But above all, everything you create is unique, nobody will ever create something exactly like yours. There are artists who make money off their flawed work, and artists as a profession who hate their work.

    tl;dr you're not going to suddenly love every piece of art you make, but rather the practice you do will give you satisfaction every so often.

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    You have some nice lines and you're showing the directions faces are showing, which is great! Bottom left looks great! I'm hardly in a position to critique you as you're ahead of me in ability. I think just keep practicing, more of these and you'll probably see improvement!


    Hey guys, thank you so much for the advice! I've been working hard this week to improve, so here is where I'm at currently


    These are both more fluid and clearer than the previous set, your work is clearly paying off ! Did you use the same time settings ? In any case, congratulations, and keep going in that direction !


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