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    Not sure if this is in the works already (I did check out the planned features) but would anyone want photos of people with different body types to reference?

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    Diversity has been one of the most requested features for our tools, including different bodytypes. As a 6'1" overweight woman, I've personally been bummed we don't have anyone in the tools representing my bodytype and general size. Now that we can submit our own bundles, I'm considering modeling for the figure study tool to contribute. :)

    Are you asking because you're interested in contributing too, or are you asking for more diversity?


    Oh yes! I think basically everyone wants that. :) It's easily one of the most requested things of all time, along with more racial and age diversity.

    We didn't raise enough money in our recent fundraiser to schedule another photoshoot right away, although it's something I hope to do in the future should we have enough subscribing members to support proper photoshoots. In the meanwhile, we've added the "submit photos" option in the hopes that other photographers out there will help us expand our library in many different ways.


    Glad to see others are interested!

    I'm not sure I'm confident enough to contribute with photos of myself (me also being chubby), but I do remember attending a figure drawing session with our regular model who was overweight, and drawing her was a really awesome experience!


    Kim if you don't mind, where is the link to submit photos? I could at least pass on the message to other social media websites


    Hover over your user icon in the navigation, and click "Submit photos" in the dropdown that appears. :) That link is only useful for logged-in folks though, so it's not great for sharing.

    The general guidelines for the program are here: https://line-of-action.com/photo-bundle-policies although as pages to share it is on the boring side.

    In terms of promotion, I'm working on a landing page that explains the program in a much more punchy way, specifically as something that can be shared on social media. Gimme a few weeks here to settle the moving dust and I'll have that out for everyone. It'll most definitely end up in the news. :)


    Here's a link that might work for passing on to social media :)


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