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    Hello, I don not have much time so this will be short, but I reccommend both. This is because while digatal art is easy, traditanal art can be a good practice and refresher.

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    Mostly I agree with other folks here. Thanks for your advice. IMO it’s always better to teach how to draw with your hands first. Actually, I started by drawing caricature pictures with my hands (it was about 10 years ago). Then I developed my skill much. So, I can say that I mostly draw with a graphic tablet now. Most of the recent works of art I’ve created are made with the help of it. Still, I highly recommend learning how to draw with your hands first. It will teach you to feel the drawing.


    I think it would depend on your end goals. Digital seems to be a more lucrative and marketable skill for the modern day but thats not a hard and fast rule either nor is a job or that kind of thing always a factor. If you do both, both will probably improve. I find that workign across art forms really helps my brain see things in different ways.

    With digital too, like traditional, sometimes better tools help so look into brushes and palettes. Watch what other artists do, there is a learning curve.


    Hola Ozren ;

    I think the both are good to pratice everyday (but not too much, because I think you know about Carpal Tunnel). The traditionnal art can be showed more easyly to their frinds than the digital one, and the digital drawings can give a more clean version of a draw. Both of them can be lost, traditionnal by being on another place you don't know the draw is here, and the digital one if your platform (graphic tablet or phone) is broked and other things.

    If you struggle with digital, draw something on a piece of paper (your draw, ofc) and after, scan/take a photo of it and put the draw on your digital art programm ! So, my answer to this gonna be both.


    Thanks, Marshallyouna.

    I've already looked at your links about a couple of months ago, but I can still get those paint by number kits already in my United States. Thank you.

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