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    I'm new here, so I would like to know:

    - How I can download drawings in the Forums?

    - How I can open the pitures that students are sending in the Forums?

    Thank you,


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    Hi Maria, I'm not sure what you mean with download drawings in the forums, and opening pictures that other students are sending. Could you try explaining what you mean?


    Hi Sanne,

    I see another student has the same problem. Net to the Source, when I click into the empty spce nothing happen. So, I don't know What I have to do.

    Sorry, I'm new in this site :-)



    Hi again Maria!

    No worries, things can get confusing. I think the other user whose thread you posted on had the same question. I went ahead and posted my answer there but I also want to link you to it in case you missed it:

    Hope it helps!


    Thank you Sanne !!

    It wil help :-)


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