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    I've been working on using less lines in my drawings and these are some of my most recent practices. I tried to include both good and not as good drawings. These were all 1 minute and I did them in the same sitting.


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    I am happy to give my best advice ,to help you along your art developement.

    Image gesture four and five, is a great example of the outline of the body and the shapes of each body part. I know myself that one minute is a small amount of time to try to get the whole figure down on paper. I feel with one mintue to sketch we want to try our best to capture the posture and shape of the body and you've done that well.

    gesture 3 is an interesting one. you capture the idea of the pose , but I've notice the figure are not too detail on the legs. When you have such a small amount of time to draw, you want to aim to draw quick, look at the model then the paper ,and repeat. You dont want to focus too much on the small detail. - try capturing the pose , and then adding in the shapes of each body part

    gesture image one - the figure on the right has a X, I'm thinking you did'nt like how it came out. There are some good elements to it. you did capture the pose. you were thinking in shapes, the hips and thighs are a great examples.

    you're doing well, just keep at it.

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    Your better sketches include some fleshing out of forms. I would focuss on incorporating forms into your getsure drawings. Proportions are off on some the drawings, but that is to be expected with these really quick drawings.

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    Hi Katie,

    I would say you have captured the proportions pretty well for most of your drawings, and the gesture reads very well.

    if you are trying to make fewer lines I recommend that you make more 30 seconds or even 15 seconds drawings it will train your brain to be more efficient to capture the gesture with more decisive cleaner stokes. take the time to observe your overall drawing before making any strokes for at least 20% of the time given to you.

    For 1 minute drawing try to capture more of the volumes of the shapes of the body.

    Nice work, good luck, and stay safe.

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    Give it some more time you will pull through.


    I oh so totally adore your latest action drawings, KatieOfConrad, however if I was to critique your 1 minute drawings, it would be to really relax your hands with 1 minute of 59 second sketches (59+1s warm-ups), pretty please? The reason why is because, it will help out on getting a lot of stronger gestural lines, even though they'll be a bunch of meditative scribbles; and furthermore, get a copy of Ben Caldwell's Action! Cartooning, and try to apply your 1 minute warm ups with those illustrations in that book. Then let's go for it! Hope it's been completely helpful into your next studies; And of course, encouraging.

    Polyvios Animations


    P.S. Almost forgot. The reason why you could pick up a copy of that book I mentioned above is because, it's gonna be extremely indispensible that you can apply gesture scribbling to loosen up your drawings, and cartoon drawings.

    Good luck and stay safe.

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