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    I have extreme trouble getting dynamic poses for characters like wolverine and spider man for example and I sometimes spend one day thinking of a pose and still get nothing. Im too stubborn to give up on drawing that character and know it will not fix my posing problem if I give up. I have been gesture drawing and figure drawing for about a year now I understand the anatomy and basic shapes and I can never find the right reference. What are some ways you guys draw poses and make your characters leap out of the page? Thanks for the help!

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    Hmm I don't really draw comic characters, but you should try exagerating the curve, the motion. Our eyes always tend to rearange things in the most symetric, smooth way possible.


    Thank you so much for the tip ill make sure to exaggerate curves from now on!


    Be sure to use a lot of foreshortening, and I mean A LOT.
    An unnatural amount even, foreshorten a bit more than a realistic perspective.

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