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    Hi, I'm Emre from Turkey. I'll post here regularly and I'd love some feedback. Thanks for stopping by :)


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    Your drawings look superb. Your proportions are good, and I generally like how you handled things. One thing that you could do to improve, however, is communicating more motion. Have you done gesture drawings yet? These look good as they are (especially the third one), but some could look more "alive".


    Thanks a lot for the feedback :) I used to make more gesture drawings than I do now. Probably I should get back into that habit.


    Welcome to the site Emre!

    I concur with what Medic said - your drawings look splendid overall! Some of the models do end up looking a bit stiff, so I also think gestures are a good way to bring motion back into your art.

    Although I know you've drawn gestures before, we have some articles that may benefit you further:




    Might be useful to your studies if you check them out. :) Sorry if there's nothing new in there for you, otherwise please enjoy!


    Thanks for your message Sanne. I think I'll start a new gallery for gestures and post it here as well. Also, the articles are great, thanks for pointing them out :)


    I'd like to see your gesture drawings as well, looking forward to seeing them! :)


    Here are some 30 second gesture drawings from today's 1 hour standard mode session. Any feedback is welcome :)



    Your form is excellent. However, the figures still look somewhat rigid. I would exaggerate the curves a little more, which helps give an impression of motion of the limbs.


    I concur with Medic!

    What helps the flow of motion in gestures is the action line - basically, a long and fluid line depicting the spine. (It can be longer than the spine and head) Exaggerating this line and drawing on it is a majorly helpful tool to 'animate' the drawing more.

    To give an example, a cartoonist can draw a very exaggerated line of motion and build a character on this line. Add extra lines for the arms and legs and build the limbs on these lines. Don't aim for perfection, aim for motion. Even if the proportions are a little off, it will give you a better sense of what will help improve your drawings and remove stiffness.


    Thanks for the advice Medic and Sanne! Hopefully, I'll manage to make use of it as well. I'll post when I have something to show.


    Please do, I' love seeing progress on these things. :)


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