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    hello everyone. i think ive been focusing on the eye and nose for about 2 weeks now. 2 weeks with the eye and 1 week with the nose. drawing 3-5 were done just now with about 5 minutes taken for each, im also using a new mechanical pen for the first time so the lineart is a lot different.


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    I would recommend extending your focus from the eye to the complete eye socket in the skull. a) it helps positioning in the face, and b) it takes account of most of the muscles, wrinkles and tissue sacks around the eye, that make up the expression.

    It also follows the general best practice to start constructing the head from the underlying bone structure. Huge help once you extend towards capturing the planes of the face to get towards proper shading.

    After two weeks is maybe also a good time to go back to full portraits. Your eyes and noses aren't perfect yet, but you probably learn more by applying what you learned so far, and returning to more detailed problems later.


    Greater job on your eye and nose drawings, AuslerDraws. I love how much you've sculpted out the graphic shapes and spaces.

    If I could suggest some totally and sincerely honest criticism, it could be that you're a bit too impatient with those facial features here, cause they look a bit farthest too rigidest. Would you please loosen up your shapes and spaces with two 299 second sketches of those eyes and noses, and ears? (2x4 minutes and 59 seconds) (on a custom timer here)

    The logic behind this, as a result, your lines, shapes, spaces and forms will become the least harshest and stiffest, and the most fluidy, flowing, organic and lively. Lively, like any Eric Goldberg Drawing.


    Hope this totally inspires you, despite the Chuck Close quote:

    Inspiration is for amateurs.

    Tip of the day: Adopt a blue-collar mindset.

    Cheers to you and your goals.



    very good. you have a good understanding of eye shapes and proportions and where the nose goes in relation to the eyes. the lines are quite strong but you could stylise that and make it your signature thing and it could work quite well :) happy drawing!


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