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    I am learning how to draw eyes and i have to say the 3/4 and the eyes half closed view is one of my most difficult to draw. I would love to get some critique on my progress so far.

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    Are you, by any chance, following Angel Ganev's tutorials on those?
    I feel like it.
    If that's the case, I think it's great, you're doing great! But you need to keep in mind those eyes are stylised and simplified. Stylisation is good, once you know the fundamentals, but if you rush into stylisation ahead of time, you risk becoming the second -insert-name-here- and not discover your own unique style! To avoid that, try drawing eyes like other artists (not just Angel) as well! That way you'll develop flexibility and figure out what do you like in different ways people draw eyes.

    Another suggestion from me would be to try and draw realistic eyes as well. I know people nowadays frown upon advise of trying to draw realism, if you are not interested in drawing realism, but I think it's really important to understand reality, before you start stylising it. That might be just me though :)

    Now, to a more specific critique, one of the more repetitive mistakes I see would be:

    (If you can't tell what it says due to my awful handwriting it's this: "Top eyelid goes further than bottom one because it needs to protect the eye from the rain)

    This is the only major flaw I see in some of those, other than that It's great! Keep up the good work :)

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    Good morning, hello, Ji Sung. This is Polyvios, Polyvios Animations, how are you doing this morning? Great job on our stylization of your eye anatomy, particularly with your eye skeletal and muscle structures. I think that stylization is really great, if you know your fundamentals well. Your gestures look absolutely gorgeous so much. But if you keep on imitating other styles ahead of time, you run the risk of becoming a second-insert-artist-name-here.

    So, if I could really give you some really constructive criticism, though I may not be the greatest in giving you some solid advice, then I love how much solid drawing you're getting into the eyes, then your motions look or seem a little bit too stiff or rigid. Would you like to loosen up your elbow with 5 minutes of 30 second eye doodles? (10 eye drawings)

    The reason why you could and would go for this little suggestion is because, first of all, it can and will help you get in sync with your right side of the brain. Second of all to make your eyes less undertured and more exaggerated, caricatured and satirized in the character's thoughts and feelings. Here's the link to click on. My hat's off to you, and good drawing practicing.


    Eshlost, thanks for the critique and I've been following Angel's tutorials, I didn't know his tutorials were stylised and simplified. While I'm not interested in realism I don't mind using it as a resource to improve and draw better. I'm currently looking at Poko and David finch's youtube tutorials.


    Thank you Polyvios for the feedback. I'll work on your suggestions.


    For me it looks like in the pictures 1,2,3 and 12 the eyes are too open.


    I feel you have an overall good understanding of the eye structure and how to apply it to your style. However I think you should focus on the variations and distinctions in each eye lid and the expression of the brows. All the photos you showed show a raised brow almost as if you avoid showing it furrowed and wrinkled. Practice on that and I think you'll like the result. Don't be afraid to apply realism in certain areas even if you are going for a semi real look in your drawings. Hope this helps!


    Hello bro.

    I am a chinese girl. I think you have a more correct understanding of the structure of the eye, but there are some major problems in terms of perspective. Look at your painting, the eyelids in 6 are definitely not that long, they must be short on the sides, and the spacing in 2, 4, 7, 10 is obviously too small, which does not meet the standard of positive viewing angle is the length of five eyes, and between the two corners of the eyes should be the length of an eye, I hope you can pay attention to some in this regard. In addition, the eyes are also very important, the eyes in 1, 12 are very unfocused, powerless, and have no vitality, but the overall is great, I hope you continue to cheer!!



    Yes I can see that now.



    I am still trying to get a hang of the basics and overall structure. I'll definitely work on variations. Thanks



    I agree with your critique and thank you for pointing them out

    Two questions

    1. You said the length of 5 eyes and also the length of 1 eyes. I am confused, which is it?

    2. yes eyes 1 and 12 have a bland expression which is the same as the reference. Is this what you mean by "unfocused, powerless, and have no vitality"?


    Hello, I think I may be able to answer your question,

    the length of five eyes and one eye refers to a drawing rule: from the left hairline to the right hairline is the length of five eyes, and the distance between two eyes is the length of one eye, in this way, the distance between the eyes in 2,4,7,10 is less than the length of one eye, which is somewhat unnatural

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