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    Hello! I'm new to this forum, but not this tool. I've recently been taking steps to improve my artwork as a means of illustrating stories and doing concept work for personal projects. To this end I'm spending a lot of time on figure studies, faces, and fast shading techniques with photoshop.

    I'm following the 100 project for improving my faces, using the tools found at lovecastle.org/draw/. I'm also trying to pin down some of the procedural mistakes that I'm making. Specifically, I'm having trouble with the basic setup of the face - I start with a wire frame, and then usually add the nose first. But in my inexperience I frequently screw up the initial frame, and have to make changes to the jaw line, nose etc:


    Where should I be measuring from to avoid this problem?

    Here is some of my other stuff. Thanks in advance if you have input to share!


    EDIT: The editor really doesn't want to insert my images... tried 3 times. Oh well.

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    I wish I knew the right answer to proportions but here's my take on how to draw a face from the front view. I have not annotated the various steps, but tried to break down how I approach this.

    If you find this useful , I could draw one from the profile and 3/4th views too

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    You should check out this website:



    I found it very useful because it's explained clear and quite simple how to draw the head from different angles.

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    That's a pretty good site, illographer. Gonna bookmark that


    No kidding. Great find, illographer. I'll be sure to check that out. Thanks for the suggestions, guys!


    [EDIT] Ok that site is FANTASTIC. If you are reading this, want to draw heads, and haven't clicked it, do so. He has some excellent videos on head angle, feature position, and general technique for all styles and approaches.




    Hello, Lucien, and welcome to Line of Action, and how are you tonight? These gestures of the faces and expressions seem perfectly fine. Greatest job, but these seem too stilted but hairier. How would you care to please go ahead with 6 minutes of 30 second faces and expressions of males and females?

    The reason why is because of a thing called quantity over quality, but you can and will be able to be most focused on the gestures of the heads and faces. For most details, look into the free PDFs of the Walt Stanchfield books right here.

    Good luck from all of us.

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