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    Hi guys!

    After practicing figures and hands and feet im back with faces. These are my 20 days of faces and expressions. I hope you can help me improve them :D



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    Exceptionally fantastic, pretty, much, Kyr-kun-chan, I absolutely admire every one of those faces and expressions that you've drawn. However, I've got one small plea: Would you like to go for 19 more 10 minute expressions and faces, all flipped vertically, pretty, pretty, pretty please, please, please??? Th reason is because, your observations about every edge and every space of every emotion will become even more appealing and fun to look at. Hang in and grovel that it'll work out for your studies.

    Polyvios Animations

    P.S. Flip Vertical is for when you have the premium subscription, lest you screen capture all 19 of them for flipping them.


    These are great! good job for all 20 days. I can see that you're getting the essence of these expressions as well as the shadows forms of the face, proportions, and thinking three dimensionally. As for the next time, I think you're ready to move on from the 30 seconds expressions and doing more longer expressions to get more out of the face. All in all good job and keep pushing!


    you have a great style! It looks like you're drawing on a tablet, Are you running the site on the same tablet you're drawing on? What app are you using?



    @Wcaplenor I am drawing on a drawing tablet that's connected to my computer. I am drawing on the tablet and have a normal monitor where I run the site on!

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