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    In January I made a video to show my monthly progress in figure drawing. I got some great advice from this forum so, I decided to continue tracking my progress this way.

    With that said, here is the February edition

    As always, I am open to all critiques. Thank you!


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    Very good! Definietly putting the work in. You have some inconsistencies fromm one drawing to the next that will even at as you continue to practice. Many of your torsos seem short and squished, try making them a little bit longer. Very impressed by the volume of drawing you've done, keep going, you;re doing great


    this is an impressive amount of progress from the last video! i wrote a critique on your last thread, and i noticed improvement in both of the points i brought up. there are still drawings where the figure isn't centered or extends off the side of the page, but far fewer than in the last video. at around 4:15-4:30 you show a couple of drawings i feel are particularly strong- especially the poses where the figures are doing gymnatics/hanging from cloth and the one where the woman has her head on her knees. they have a good sense of rhythm, especially in the alternating curves you tend to use for the torso.

    it feels kinda lame to just say "keep up the good work", but whatever you're doing is working. you mentioned in your last thread that you're focusing on measuring proportions and better understanding the arms and legs this month, which is great! i'm excited to see your next update.

    if you want examples of strong gesture drawings, michael mattesi has a gallery of his work here (https://www.drawingforce.com/gallery), i've found this really helpful to learn from. his drawings have a great sense of rhythm.


    Hello, Stvalentine14.

    You know, I think you're doing the greatest job on your figure poses. I love the sense of motion. I love your natural senses of gestures and spaces, and I love your awareness of your relationships. But, in 0:28, I'm not getting enough of the calligraphic swelling of the silhouette at the lower right hand corner of the page.📃 Would you like to go ahead with our interactive drawing tutorial on our website, please, with your dominant and non-dominant hands?

    As a result, your poses can and will become the most dynamic, energetic, fluidest, and the least stiffest and the least rigidest in your silhouettes and negative spaces. For more practice tips and tricks, please look into the Adorkastock sketch app, and more books and sites.

    My hat's off to you.


    I am taking your critiques to heart! I also started attending figure drawing sessions in person and I am learning a lot by drawing from life.

    I still have a long way to go, thanks for supporting me through this journey!

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