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    Hey! As a part of week practice schedule, today, I decided to draw feet! These are the two drawing I’m a bit iffy about, I can’t really tell, but the way the toes look seems weird to me. And I struggled a lot with skin wrinkles, so if anybody’s got any tips, please do share! Thanks :)

    https://imageshack.com/i/pmwlVyqOj (Note: I can’t use Imgur so I tried this site instead, I hope it works :D)

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    Why is the page black?

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    Hello There! After looking at your drawing I think you managed to get the overall shape of the foot to look quite good, I think you should work on making your shading more meaningful like put more shadin in darker areas and lighter shadin lighter one rather than shading the whole thing, but I can see you've already started doing that with the darkness near the bottom of the foot, I think using lighter lines when drawing the skin fold would make the drawing more effective, on the foot that's flat you have good toe rendering but I think you could improve the toenail on the foot drawing most to the left, great job!


    To add on what he said, here is a good video on shading:

    And another for showing form:


    Oh! Thanks for letting me know, I will surely work on my shading a little and use the amazing tips that you all have sent! I was extremely confused on what I messed up on and I’m glad that I received help! :)


    First off great job coloring in the whole piece, its an easy mistake to just leave the page blank and reob yourself of that valubale valubale information. I think you nailed it yourself when you mentioned the toes, i feel their the single biggest detractor form this studies over all success. I noticed you really emphasised your contour and it "flattens" your image (I do this ALL the time too bad habbit). If you lighten up your contour I think it will give you more freedom to position the toes correctly on the foot, that way the top of the toe wont be faceing a weird direction in reationship to the top of the foot. Feet are basically a wedge so try to keep that top fairly alighned. I think this is a really good study and practicing will definitley pay off.


    I am a beginner so take my advice at face value but to me the toes on the right foot are too large but otherwise looks great. On the left foot its hard to describe but think the ending mass of the foot before it bends into the toes is too thick, especially on the top part. Also I think the big toe might be a little too small in that one.

    Keep up the good work!


    Looks like some decent practice.

    I reccomend adding some line weight to make the skin folds feel a bit more like skin folds. Put heavier thicker lines on the surfaces that are away from the light, or just on the bottom of the foot, and use a lighter line for the skin folds and anywhere that the light would be hitting. It creates an exttra feeling of depth very quickly.

    As far as the position of the toes, you were either working off of images with very odd positioning, or you just need to pay closer attention to the angles of the toe nails and silhouette a bit more. They don't look wrong, so much as just held unnaturally. Again line weight can help to define those parts more as well. Try doing a thicker line for anything that is in front of something else, that can trick the eye into thinking there is more perspective in the image.

    Good luck and keep having fun!


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