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    Did a class mode 30 minute study of some feet, both female and male. I think I really like drawing feet, they have so much personality. Some poses are easier, and some are more difficult... the 10 minute sketch was a very difficult pose!! I just hope my hatching added some much needed dimensionality to that one. Please let me know if you think there's anything I could do better here, but don't be too harsh :,) this is my first time seriously practicing drawing feet.
    here's the pic

    Please support Line of Action

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    these are very nice! i really like the hatching effect

    i suggest drawing the line of action for the feet first and just some simple shapes, triangle for the 'body' of the foot, oval for the big toe, and a smaller rounded triangle for the rest of the toes
    then going over and adding form

    just to practice keeping the proportions, shape and movement right

    looks rlly good!


    You made some challenging choices, like from the bottom and the back.

    Love your hatching.

    The shadow on your feet from the back is great. Loved where the pants started. Great job. Also really like the free line work on the gesture drawings.

    Maybe try working a bit bigger to give you a little room to let that gesture quality run. Amazing for your first shot at feet.

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