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    Just started up drawing again after a long absence - Five years or so. Any constructive criticism welcome. I know the face is off, it is just a 5 minute sketch. I my add more later. Thank you.


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    Can't see the photo - mature content filter is on, and I don't have a dA account. :c


    Hey colorapathy I thought your 5 minute sketch was good. A little rough around the edges but that accounts for your long absence. I think my biggest critique would be line quality and committing to a line rather than the rough sketchy lines that form the body. I have the same issue and think that the exercise that helps the most is doing continuos line contour drawings with pen so that you don't have the luxury of correcting lines. It forces you to commit and gain confidence in your line quality. I hope to see your work in the future and if you would like to see mine check it out at www.adamantiumdesigns.com


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