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    Here are 8-10 min fig drawing!! You're welcome to critique me harshly, want to improve badly

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    Do you have a specific goal for what you're trying to improve right now?


    I want to improve my gestures and my understanding of usage of straights and curves in simplifying the muscles of human body.

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    Theres really not much wrong with the figures. the only thing i could even slightly say to work on is the blockiness of the shading, you got the major shadows in and they look perfect but if you start to add the more subtle blended out shadows, it'll give it a lot more life (even though these are pretty livly as is)


    It looks like you have proportions down rather well. These are well drawn. Keep up the good work and don't stop practicing.


    Technique looks pretty solid. Clean lines and logical proportions. Shapes suggest movement though could have more fluidity and freedom.

    The strongest point that I can see holding you back is timidity. Your good don’t be nervous or constricted. Let there be a more natural discovery of the form instead of a strict dictation of it. Your lines are also very light it appears in this photo, I suggest you use a softer lead or press a little harder, hardly any shadows are visible in these, it looks to be almost entirely line work and a bit of mid tone, you need more values. Don’t underestimate the significance of shadow and highlight, arguably the two are more important than even the mid tones. Even if your aim is a more illustrative approach focusing mostly on the lines, use some method to represent both shadow and highlight through line work if you must, or avoiding values/shading intentionally.

    your shapes are otherwise beautiful and for 8-10min poses you did well in your representation, it’s obvious you didn’t allow yourself to get caught up in single areas of detail like the face but treated the form as a whole. You spaced things out well and have a consistent vision that makes your style look cohesive. It’s my opinion that if you were able to incorporate bold and intentional shadows and highlights to where you are now, that your work would leap forward substantially. You’re ahead in so many other ways that I think it would unlock compositional thinking for you as you’d feel adequate in your ability to craft the figure.


    Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for the feedback! I took notes and made into these points:

    *Using proper shadow and highlights (also the solution for blockage of shadow from ruby1600's comment)

    *show of balance, effort, gravity and rhythm of the body

    I want to address each objective one by one. Slowly incorporating it to my figures. This time I focused on the balance, effort and rhythm from the feedback of Swen :) I'm sorry for the messy lines lol. I made these too slow as I tend to overthink things ack. I'll keep practicing!


    I drew 2 same figures because i'm not really satisfied with it but in the end.. I'm still not.


    Sorry for the Low quality pics :(


    These are 8-10 min fig drawings. I tried incorporating shadows while retaining the rhythm which I don't know if its working. I also tried simplifying some shapes and exaggerate some parts.

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