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    Hello. Here are some figure drawings i did with the help of the 30 mins class practice tool. Hope you like them and feedback or critique would be really apreciatted.

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    Hello pandi! :)

    Thank you so much for sharing your work with us, your gesture drawings look good! Are there any particular areas you're trying to improve?

    I'm noticing some small issues with your foreshortening in the top and lower drawings on the left. The arms on the upper left drawing are a little odd looking and I feel like you've tried to draw them from a side perspective and then mushed them together to make them shorter, instead of drawing the shapes as you see them.

    The same applies to the leg of the man on the bottom, it looks like a normal leg was mushed together vertically rather than drawn in perspective and angle.

    Those are the only real things I can pick out at the moment. I'd be happy to help you further if you can give me some more info to work with! If I know what you're hoping to get critique on I'm sure we can find some resources to help you out.


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