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    It's been awhile since I've asked for feedback, so please feel free to critique my work. Feel free to also lead your critiques with questions if you need to.

    (Note: I'm aware that the shading on the 10 minute poses might be not coherent, I just usually run out of time and leave big parts of the pose untreated.)

    These past 2 months I've been regularly practicing with only pencil and paper to practice my confidence in my strokes. I've recently gone back to practicing digitally just to keep things interesting and to try to translate my traditional skills to digital.

    Also during this period, I took a first look at anatomy with Mike Mattesi's book and downloaded a 3D anatomy app on my phone in order to learn more details on the subject. I also took Marco Bucci's online course for the anatomy of the head.

    While I see clear improvements compared to a few months ago, I'd like an external point of view on what looks right or wrong.


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