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    Hello, I was wondering If I get some critique for my session. I've been drawing figures for a while now, but I've never gotten any critique before since I don't go to school for art. What can I improve on to create more dynamic and smooth poses? Thank you! :D

    Here is the link:

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    Wow, leepinlemons!! Hey there, and good evening, or noon. Say, I thing you've done a really and totally awesome job on your quick gestures of poses. These forces are totally identifiable, in terms of look, and mostly feeling.

    So, if I could and would provide a completely and totally honest critique, it would be, some of the forces and energies, I just don't get enough of them yet. Did you just rough them out in a 0.9 mm mech. pencil? Why don't you please loosen yourself up, by drawing more longer, lighter, and largest lines, by quickly sketching out 122 minutes of 30 second attitudes???? (122 x 60/30, 7320/30=244 bodies)

    And do you know the reason why?? It's as a result of freeing yourself up drawing those, then you'll be able to get the boldest and powerful lines of action, and lines of rhythm. Good luck to you, and hat's off to you, and I hope you've found this conducive to quantity and quality.


    Thank you, Polyvios! I did find this very helpful. I've also noticed that my figures are a little stiff as well. I'll try out that 122-minute session. I'm in for a rough ride.



    I do like the way you draw human figure and the proportions are there as the flow, if I had to point something would be:

    - More softness on the lines, until you are really sure that the proportions are right, the searching line running all the moviment very soft and only hard lines when the figure is 100% sure of being proportinal and ready to be finished.

    - Continous lines without breaking so much, more sureness of pullling a line on the paper, you already have a good eye for proportions.

    - Try to make some drawing with continuous lines, without taking the pencil out of the paper, trying to search all the forms in one line only.

    I hope I can help a bit with those tips, you already have a good hand on it. Good luck :) 🍀


    Thank you, Ollie! This did help. I think this is very detailed advice. I appreciate your criticism.


    Hey there, those are nice drawings, I noticed you've got a handle on the big forms and the relationship between the torso and pelvis, that's really good. Like Polyvios and Ollie said, you just need to loosen up a bit and use less lines. Try to make your lines longer/cleaner, you don't need to draw every line or form you see on the figure to make a good gesture drawing. Group the torso and pelvis even further with a long flowing line when you can, but keep that relationship of counter-balance between them.

    For the arms and legs, use 2 or 3 simple curvy lines that kind of imitate the muscle curvature to capture the movement and grace of the limbs. It's good to add some cross contour lines occasionally to solidify your understanding of the form, especially when drawing anything that's foreshortened.

    Also when doing longer poses, draw all the shadows you see on the figure by grouping them into large simple shapes and then shade them using one value to give the figure more form.

    So basically, with gesture drawing, try to describe more of the movement that you see, even more than the figure itself. Try to "feel" the movement and direction of a pose. Draw from your shoulder when you can, and relax your arm muscles. Hope this helps, I'm still just learning a lot myself, but I've found these techniques useful, have fun! =)


    Thank you, thank you! I appreciate you explaining gesture to me. I had trouble understanding what some tutorials meant, but this helps me understand it a bit more!


    Hey first of all Great JOB!!! You tried and that's what is important... Going on be loose and rough with your drawings... Work a little more on the placements and all and you'll see great progress in your poses and figures


    Thank you, Likhit. I'll try my best!

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