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    Hello Everyone.

    I have the problem that i always tend to use too much underdrawing in my quick poses, which causes them to not look that dynamic because the edges get rougher and rougher. It has proven to be a big Problem when it comes to drawing the longer time Figures, such as 5 or 10 minutes because I often have to erase great parts of the inside because of the underdrawings. If any1 has advice for more dynamic quick poses and how to reduce the amount of underdrawings I would be really grateful.

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    Hi, Here is my advice :

    Try to draw bigger for your 5-10 minutes drawings.

    Instead of one little corner, take the whole page if you don't mind using too much paper.

    Right now you are drowning your sketches with unnecessary drawing lines. I can see that you are trying to highlight the shadows by doing so, but because the drawings are so small, we quickly lose the shapes and details of your sketches.

    Drawing bigger will force you - even unconsciously - to consider where you need to invest your time and energy with the time you have (and also give your pencil a bit of a break)

    I think your last 15 min study shows that this might be right path for you : can you see how better you are doing when you allow yourself more space ?

    Hope that helped. Good luck !

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    Hi, Kekskuchen

    I think you are doing great and I think there is one way to reduce roughness is to use bigger drawing paper, I think you are using a book-size sketchbook which is great for some quick short-hand and on-the-go sketching. But you can get a 9x12 or even a large sketchbook and draw one figure per page. In this way, you can really practice controlling the pen instead of confining yourself in a really small space so that will tend to wrist drawing a lot. One other thing you can do is to use your shoulder and that could help too. Hope this is useful.


    Good evening Kekskuchen, and welcome aboard. How are you doing this afternoon?

    Nicest job on your range of motions and gestures in your figures and forms, but these all seem too stiffest but stilted to me yet. Why don't you please try out your very first 30 minute class of figure drawings?

    The arguement is because, your movement drawings will be drawn the least stiffest but most dynamic, action-packed, but liveliest.

    My hat's off to you.

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