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    Hi yall,

    This is my first practice session as a member of LoA. I used to take some figure drawing a while back and I am getting into it again. Any tips or critiques would be appreciated.

    This is the first time I have split up the page in squares, usually I just draw wherever there's space. But the first ten are 30 second, next five are 1 minute, next two are 5 min and the last was a 10er I think.

    thanks for your feedback!


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    Hello Rain,

    Overall your poses all have really good movement to them. And you've obviously got a really good understanding of lighting and the foundations of the poses.

    I think the one area to work a little bit more on would be the foreshortening. A lot of these, while there is some dymentionality to them, they do end up being a bit too "narrow". Maybe think about further expressing the dynamics of the figures and really see how far you can push it. I'll also mention that, while the squares do give us some limitations, make sure you're not limiting yourself too much. Some of your figures are compressing as they run up against the squares you've drawn. If you're to continue doing that, maybe focus on the limitations and really plan out where the extremities are and work from the outside in.

    For example, on the second page, your last image has the figure's legs being rather short in comparison to the torso. You could also potentialy benefit from working a bit bigger rather than smaller. You could do this same practice but have only 4 pieces per page. It's a bit more work admittedly but could prove benefitial. (Something I also have to do tbh haha)

    Anyway, there's a lot of dynamics and flow to your pieces and I really do like them. Good job. The lighting is also great, especially on the middle bottom on page 1 of your longer studies.

    Hope it helps,


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    Thank you so much! This type of advice is exactly what I was looking for. I'll have to play around with using more space or planning out how I'm going to be using the space I give myself. When left to my own devices I do tend to make my work smaller so that was a good reminder. And I think working bigger will make any forshortening or proportion mistakes more evident.

    Thank you again for taking the time to reply! I appreciate it.



    Hey Rain!

    To be honest, after reading your message I had created a expectation different from what I saw!

    I loved your drawing done with your own ("geometric") line style, for real.

    Actually it seems you were already a student before, what makes me somehow proud of your pratical return as a beginner. The shades are cool the way I look forward to dominate.

    So, do me a favor and continue your job. Sometimes what a artist needs is just a inspiring sketch... Thank you. And be welcome.

    - Marilia


    Looks good considering the time spend on them!


    Nice performance of the anatomy sketches, loillty. I really love your gestures. And I really love your proportions on most of the poses. And I love the edges, spaces, and angles. And I oh so love the perspectives, too. On the whole, you got those right.

    Here is my critique on your sketch. One of the poses, the ballet one in the first one, has some pretty stiff anatomy of the bone and muscle structures, with two birds killed with one stone, some very mechanical forms for one of the legs. Why don't you make the anatomical structures even most loosest and dynamic, energetic, and well understood please, pretty please????? The reason why is because, your understanding of anatomical bones and muscles will become well-understood and second nature to you and your learning curve.

    Even capturing the gestures of every bone and muscle of every human form.

    We hope it can be advantageous.

    Cheers, and stay platinum,

    Polyvios Animations

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