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    I did some figure drawings thanks to this site. Anything I should improve on? Thanks

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    You show a decent understanding of abstracting simple lines and forms, and draw clean and readable poses. I suggest you try to include anatomical observations next.

    I think the next step forward for you is to understand how the ribcage actually looks and functions in the chest, and try to "see" it in a reference before drawing. Short description: a flattened egg-like form, with the "pointy" top ending between the shoulder joints, just underneath the neck, and the bottom cut off along the line of the lower ribbs. That cut-off extends on the back down to about a hand-width above the hip, about two handwidth on the front, where the belly is. Understanding the ribcage is also the first step towards observing shoulder and breast muscles, as they are mostly what obscures the ribcage. Be aware, overestimating the distance between hips and ribcage is a very common mistake, which tends to lead to unproportionally long torsos.

    In your drawings the chest area has a tendency to be a bit slimmer than natural and looks like a simple tube. Finding the ribcage would add more substance to the construction.

    Btw, female breasts are best imagined as formed like an inverted heart shape, hanging over the ribcage with the tip attached underneath the throat. A good shortcut to look for is the line underneath the breaths. Finding that line and the center line of the heartshape is often more indicative than starting with sketching out one of the spheres and then finding the other one. In constructing the foundation consider even ignoring them, as they don't actually influence the pose a lot, but merely feature in drawing the outline.

    Also, check out for better explanations and examples.


    Nice work on your figure's lines of action and rhythm, EddieRamos913. Very good job on your clean lines, fluid and perfectly readable pose, albeit subtle.

    I've got one tiniest suggestion. I love your lines of rhythm popping up in this nude, but I'm not getting enough of the exaggerations of those caricaturable lines. Would you please be able to do 30 minutes of 29 second poses? (all flipped vertically, and all drawn with your shoulder.

    The reason why is because,, this link will be able to help make your straights and curved lines will become the most totally satirized in your quick sketches.

    One other reason: your poses will become looking like or seeming like it was roughed out in one stroke. Good luck!


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