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    Hi everybody! I recently discovered this awesome page and I'm practicing everyday
    I have a question about the practice, in some place in this page I saw that when you practice figure drawing you should put the spine line, ribcage, pelvis and head and to add dots for the connections
    The question that I have is this: in class mode, the latest pictures give you a LOT of time and I dont know what to do, I end doing 3/4 figures of the same picture with guidelines over and over again.
    Oh and another question is if I am wrong the way I use class mode, at the 30 seg pictures I havent the time to put the ribcage and pelvis, i just do the contour of the image.
    That's all, thanks for reading!

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    Hi Carneo, welcome to the site!

    I'm super glad to hear you like us and are practicing hard. :)

    The articles you refer to are indeed excellent guidelines to get started with. If I'm explaining something you already know and I misunderstood your question, let me know alright?

    The idea behind the gestures is to give you a solid foundation to work off of (as well as warm you up for bigger pieces). They're not limited to just the guidelines for spines, joints and limbs, although that is their starting point. Having put down the basic guidelines allows you to 'build on top', so to speak. When you get to the longer timers, you can start fleshing out the model and try to replicate the photo reference from your foundation you just put down. The longer the timer runs, the more detail you can put in. You can define muscles, shading, facial features, hair etc. up until the timer runs out.

    Does that answer your question?


    Thanks for your reply!! yea that answer my question, I thougth that I was doing something wrong :D

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