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    hey all! i'm pretty much brand new to this site and thought i'd share some work.

    10 minute sketches (two days ago)

    5 minute sketches (today)

    it's interesting to see how different they turned out

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    Pretty good. You're on the right track, keep this up and you will develop more confidence in your linework.


    You're doing great! You've got some very expressive poses!

    I think you need to work on form a little more. You seem to spend a long time really trying to nail the gesture of the poses before adding other details to indicate depth and anatomy. Gesture drawing is HARD. Its the first thing that a lot of courses teach you, but its not something you should try to master before you learn other techniques. You have a strong understanding of it at this point, developing how to draw the body in basic shapes will really help you and when you return to practicing gesture, you'll feel more comfortable pushing certain things and understanding how the body is expressing itself.

    I'd first practice the torso and pelvis, because the flatness of the torso really weakens your work and while the elipsis you drew for you pelvises works very well, typically a type of box is used there to practice their 3d space.


    These two vids are great places to start. The bean method is my favorite, but others prefer the box. Practice a few times just drawing the torso's of figures using this technique and you's start to understand bodies as inately 3d. Good luck!


    Welcome aboard, Eyates, I'm Polyvios, and how are you doing today? Nice job on keeping your gesture in terms of constructing your poses, forces, forms and shapes, but they all seem not to look too organic to me yet. How would you like to please loosen up your forces, forms and shapes with 6 minutes of 2 minute figure drawings?

    The reason why you could and should do this littler request is because to make your anatomies and contructions less stiffer, less boring, and lesser than blander, and to actually make them more spontaenous, more dynamic, and even more organic in your caricature drawings and designs.

    For even more info, kindly look into these 2 videos above and more on YouTube and online and books.

    My hat's off to you, and I hope you've found these completely and totally nicer, useful, encouraging, and more informative!


    Well captured in only some minutes! In your 10 min sketches the right pose looks dynamic, but I don't understand the twist between hip and ripcage, may be you check again, but, I am a beginner myself, so may be my consideration are not too profund. Anyhow you seem to be very talented.

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