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    hi! i was hoping to get some critique on my figure study. it was around 45 min, it was meant to be 30 min, but i accidentally paused it at one point haha :) i really struggled with the face, hands and feet, so if anyone could help me out a bit i would really appreciate it!

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    Great work on your careful and slower realistic pose, georgia. Love how well balanced your attitude looks and/or seems.

    My biggest issue is that your lines of motion are a bit too stilted, even for me. Would you like to loosen up your hands with 30 minutes of 30 second poses, if you please? (60 scribbly poses)

    The reason is: even though there's a lot of online tutorials online, like for example, at, it'll make your poses look like and seem like it's moving and thinking.

    Good luck to you and your current goals.


    Good attempt.. I would advise you to study the human proportions, especially the head as you say yourself that you find it a bit difficult. There are various tutorials available on Youtube but whats key is practice. Good luck!

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    Good job Georgia. Keep at it. Practice is the key. Also, a few books like Drawing on the Right Side, there are lots on anatomy recommended here. There are lots of free youtube videos that help too. Just google away, it's amazing what you find online these days.

    My suggestion would be to work on proportion and seeing body parts as blocks to begin. If we simplify the body into simple shape rather than getting caught up in detail it can lead to a more dynamic outcome. You will find just a suggestion of a body part can be more affective than trying to draw it all.

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