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    * English is foreign language to me. Please understand.

    Recently I figured out this website and started to draw 30 min class everyday. I read some discussions on forums, and I tried to avoid straight lines & sometimes drew with my non-dominant hands, but I still have some problems.

    Whenever I draw figures I found myself just copying the pictures. I can't decide where to give accent on figures. Is this problem will be solved if I just draw more figures? Or is there any examples I can refer to?

    Here are my practices:

    Thank you for reading this.

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    I would try to focus on the main masses first. Head, chest, hip. Head is generally easy enough to spot, chest, i.e. ribcage and clavicula (or ribcage and shoulder blades from behind) is in itself a rather simple form, but it takes some practice to everytime spot it. Hip is a bit complicated, and you might find some variation to indicate it. Some people indicate it as a box, that includes the buttox, some just draw a bikini bottom, I generally vary as it fits the motive.

    As a rule of thumb, I wouldn't bother finishing the outline of limbs, before you are done with indicating the position of head and torso. Your shorties are supposed to follow the same routine as when starting a longer drawing, and instead of feeling hurried when drawing them, you should become more comfortable with not finishing them. They aren't supposed to be finished. Ideally keep the same drawing rhythm up for shorter and longer drawings, the shorties are meant to practice the crucial initial steps more often, they aren't meant as a separate art form.

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    Good morning, tiramisumanP. How are you doing this morning?

    Say, I really think you're doing a completely splendid job on your gestures and forces in your shapes and lines and spaces and forms of your figures. Please do keep up the great work, and I need to be more and more concerned about the loosening up on the heads, ribcages, and the pelvises on the gutsy gesture poses, for they are too rigid to me yet.

    The reason is because, though it can and will help you relax in your learning curves in your figures and anything and everything.

    Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes myelin, and myelin makes perfect.

    Daniel Coyle

    For more practicing tips and tricks, please look into The Little Book of Talent by the author above.

    Thank you.


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