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    Hey everyone,

    I am new to this platform. I've been sketching a lot a few years ago and would like to start it again. I did an 1-hour figure study class. I tried to combine pencil and watercolor in some sketches as I used to do. I guess I'll try focussing on either one of the two.

    Here are the pictures of my sketchbook.

    Please let me know what you think. I am looking forward to yor critique.

    Have a nice day!

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    Hi there, zukkesketches,

    Very nice sketches you got there! I looked at your quick sketches from your newest 1 hour class, and I think that you're on the right track, plus I really feel that my advice is, to really go for more relaxation. Why don't you please do your very first 30 minute class mode with what you're doing today?

    The reason why you could do this challenge is because of 2 reasons: a) to make your poses less stiff, and more dynamic, energetic, and fluid. b) to help improve your understanding of human anatomy. Cheers and I hope you'll find these gracious and supportive. Keep it up!


    I think you need to try to play with gestures (action line). First of all catch the line and then on top play with construction and on top play with any materials
    Watercolor is cool, try lighter color and brighter. Try opposite two for fun (blue + red)


    Hi. I will second what those before me have said. Gesture drawing is key and keep it short. No more than 30 - 60 seconds per pose.

    The watercolor is so tempting to use because it looks good. My advice would be to stay away from that right now though. I can see that you have been drawing before but it looks like your eyes and brain understand what to do but the arm does not obey like it used to. This is an easy fix. I see that you are only, or mostly, using one type of line in all your drawings, a quite thin and even line. Try doing some stroke practice with a soft pencil, holding it like a crayon. Go light and make thousands of different random shapes and go over them again and again. Do broad strokes, thin lines, S curves, C curves and all sorts of other shapes. This will get you dexterity back and your whole repertoir will grow. Good luck!


    Thank you for sharing your sketches! Love the tone that the watercolor gives your figures. It really communicates mood and lighting. A difficult drawing skill to master but you make it look easy.

    I'm curious, with the sketches that didn't have watercolor, were those blind contour drawings? Drawings where you are training your observation skills more than getting lifelike anatomy? It's a great warm up to figure drawing and may help a bit more with your capturing of the figures anatomy.


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