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    Hi everyone! Its been some days since a good friend recommended me this website and i decided to REALLY give it a try. I've always liked to draw but didn't take it seriously 'til now. I want to learn, even if i do slowly. I think some critiques would be a great help, to see how i am i doing so far. Thank you so much!!!

    I've been mainly doing some 30'' firgure study, though you can also find 2' and 5' drawings.

    I apologice for any incoherence, since i'm not a native english speaker.

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    Hey Wonder, I can't access via your link - do you mind sending via imgur or similar? :)


    Hi Hungree! i'll try imgur:

    If it doesn't work i'll directly upload the images here. Sorry for the inconveneance and thanks :)



    I would advice you to get a soft lead pencil like 6B or 8B. If you practice with such a pencil you will be able to draw almost invisible light strokes, but also very dark and powerful lines when applying more preassure. Good luck!


    Hello, Wondererpassingby,

    I've seen one of your quick sketches, and I think that those 30" (second) quick sketches are the most loosest and fluidest I've seen so far. The 2 minute poses are fluider, while the 5 minute ones are basically your fluid. Why don't you please do 96 minutes of 60 second poses, in two days?? The reason why you could do this amout of drawing practice is because, it'll help you get that lively and energetic hand-drawn animator's line. For even more practice and inspiration, then please check out the Action! Cartooning by Ben Caldwell, Fantasy Cartooning, also by Ben Caldwell, and this book, Vanishing Point for Perpsective Drawing.

    Hat's off to you, and I hope you'll find this completely, totally, and absolutely obliging and informative.


    Hi guys.

    Thank you Thestripper and Polyvios so much for all the advice!!! I am excited to try all the pointers and see what i can do ^^

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