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    i did my first baby figure study today, and im looking for some critique, id appreciate any advice! for reference, these were about 5 minutes per pose, but i paused a few times so closer to 7-8 minutes.

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    Hello, and good evening to you, georgiapettus, I'm Polyvios. I'm finest, how are you doing tonight? I love how you've got started out on your baby figures. Great work on your gestures and construction and edges of your babies very much. But, I've got one smallest problem. Some or most of them look or seem a bit too stiffest to me. Please would you kindly loosen up your tightest babies with a 2 minute study of an infant? As a result, your young'un's gesture will become the least stiffest as a board and the most loosest and free-est in your broadest strokes for your children. To look up more baby photos, be sure to look into your personal baby photo album for inspiration, or look them up on your search tool.

    Hope these helped and benefited you so much.


    Hi Georgia!

    I like your studies of the babies but I do see how you could improve with just some simple exercises. In gesture drawing the most important thing is to describe the pose as simply as possible. That's why you should always look for "the line of action". It's so important that this forum is even named after it.

    When you have looked at your subject and decided where the one or two longest lines of action are then put them down on the paper with only one or two long continous lines. Do not sketch many short scratches! Short scribbly lines can never establish a good gesture. See intruduction videos on Ytube on quick gesture drawing. Proko has good videos on this but only use the very basic videos. Forget the five minute studies untill you can lightly and quickly sketch down a baby in any pose in 30 seconds. Do not use longer time than that until you got this! It will seem futile for a while but eventually you will start to loosen up. Simplify, don't draw fingers, toes ears or other small features. Just put down gesture lines and then it's time for the next drawing.

    I would also suggest to warm up with some simple exercises to lose the nasty habbit of short scrathcy lines and get used to only making continuous long flowing lines where you never lift your pen from the paper. Do a sheet or two of these exercises before you do your gesture drawing. It is very helpful! Good luck!



    Thank you so much for the advice!

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