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    I'm trying to fill up my new sketchbook and get back into the habit of drawing.

    I did a 1hr portrait class, a single drawing of a frog, 30 mins of hands/feet practice then ended it off with 30 mins of full body poses.

    Critiques are appreciated!

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    In general, greatest job on all your drawing efforts, masterhation. And specifically, greatest job on your figure sketch session. And much specifically, greatest work on your tree frog, portraits, hands and feet.

    If I was to give you the most particular goal for you, it would, could and should be that your figure drawings, I not getting enough of the especially loose look and feeling and humor to them, especially the organic forms. Would you please make your goal: To make my organic figure spaces and forms and relationships the least stiff and the most fluidest????

    The premise behind this thing is because, it could be able to get you the most practice, filling up your sketchbook that way. Also, devote a dozen more pages to portraits, a dozen more pages for animals, a dozen for the hands and feet, and especially, a dozen more for the figures. And while you're at it, would you please find the times to take a nap, if you can?????

    Cheers, and I hope this helps.

    Polyvios Animations.

    P.S. The napping tip was and is from the Daniel Coyle book, Audible audiobook and Kindle ebook, The Little Book of Talent. Check out this link now please:


    Haha I definitely will try to take more naps in between sessions! I looked over my drawings after sleeping and now I do realize what you said rings true, my drawings arent very fluid, which is the point of figure drawing.


    Hi, great work. You have really clean, accurate lines. I think a good next step for you would be trying to draw bigger. I'm not 100 percent sure how big those images are, but it looks like you're drawing way too small. This may seem intimidating at first, but drawing bigger will (hopefully) help you get more details and more fluid lines (as it allows you to use your whole arm and not just your wrist). Good luck :)


    These sketches are very nice I would work on drawing more sketches with less time- I think it would really loosen up your art and help with creating more fluid drawings, lol im still a beginner so hopefully I was helpful!!


    i really like your study drawings. Its nice to see that you want to finish off with nice line art but maybe sometimes its also good to leave the basic shapes you used to draw. It helps me when im practicing because i can alsways look back and reconstruct my drawing. Your work is really cool though.

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