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    I've been drawing for a while but recently started to focus on the human form quite heavily. I've never before submitted work for a critique, so I look forward to your feedback. Attached you will find a set of 30s gesture drawings.

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    Here are todays drawings.
    Your text to link here...


    12\1 drawings



    Hi Jeremy, I hope this helps :).


    Swen, your image appears to not work. Can you repost? I'm really curious what you did. :)


    Thanks for the notification Kim, this should solve it.


    Thank you, this is a brand new prospective for me to work on.


    You're welcome JeremyA. Keep in mind that improvement doesn't come by just drawing. You need to spend time acquiring knowledge about the fundamentals also.


    Swen, could you say a little more about how you're using the word "rhythm" here?


    Sure Kim, thanks for asking.

    Rhythm is essentially a regular, repeated pattern. In the context of the figure rhythm occurs in a repeated pattern of alternating ‘C’ curves. This pattern is what I was referring to. Any pose can be broken down into its own rhythms.

    On an abstract level, rhythm is what really creates a sense of energy and movement in a pose. I attached a page from one of my tutorials in which I illustrated what I’m talking about. I hope this helps :).


    I have been focusing on flow and "rhythm" while going through the gestures.
    Do you see any change?

    Just for Today


    Hi Jeremy, yes I can definitely see the improvement! Your gestures from today feel a LOT less static than the first image in this thread. :) Good job!


    In an effort to push a little harder, I went with a 30 minute class today, so there is a lot here.

    30 Second drawings

    60 Second drawings

    5 minute

    This one is bad... All I can say is with more time it may have come together better.
    10 minute


    Hi Jeremy,

    Your first link goes to a Youtube news report rather than your drawings!

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