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    I'm fairly new to digital drawing, so I thought I'd do some figure drawing to help.

    Any tips? I feel like they don't look clear, kinda messy

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    First of all, I swear that this has been a complete and utter case of randomness and that I didn't notice that the person whom I critiqued ten minutes ago is the same person whom I am critiquing now (to be sincere, the first was random, I had to click your profile to find this).

    Second: Take this with a mountain of salt. I don't draw digitally. It's evident that there is a huge gap between your digital and traditional skills. What I can recommend (since you are more than able to draw gestures and figures) is to draw circles, ovals and squares on your tablet, over and over again. Yes, it sounds absurd, but it works for habituating to everything. From painting, shading, switching grips etc. You have to learn the basic movements and shapes...again.

    Here are some resources:

    Third: keep at it! I can't wait to see your digital finished drawings.

    Best wishes and keep practicing.


    I might suggest a different pen, maybe one that allows for better line weight so you can quickly do a light sketch then go and define the most important points. Might also want to turn down the stabilizer to make the process a little harder on you, if you feel like going beastmode


    I really appreciate the feedback!

    And you're absolutely right, I definitely need to get a hang of the 'feel' of digital drawing before anything else.

    Thank you for suggesting those exercises and resources!


    Ah thank you!

    With me being new to digital art, turning down the stabilizer didn't even occur to me lol

    Are there any types of pens I should look for, or is it more trial and error do you think?


    your figure sketches have great flow and look very natural. i feel like you should be more careful/clear with your lines as that would help make it less messy and hard to read. overall looks awesome keep it up :)

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