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    I haven't put my hands to work in a year and i'm starting again.


    Here is my first piece, i'd really love some feedback on what to improve one.


    I know off the bat that my proportions are messed up (the head is much to small and the legs as well). But I'm sure there are other things that have gone astray!

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    I think that the limbs are stiff, and the stomach is a little too tucked in. I don't think that the head is small. Plus, the facial features needs a little work also.


    Hey Tinted,

    Can you speak to the process you go through to produce images like this? How long did you spend here? What did you draw first?


    I think its good. Better than I could do.

    I appreciate when people critique my work help me improve though, as long as it is constructive. IMO, the rendering looks a little flat. The values are all pretty similar, put some blacks in there and some highlights. That should add depth to it and make it come off the page better.

    Secondly, If I was going to make the body look realistic with detail and rendering, I would make the whole thing like that. The outline is catching my eye. I know its hard to avoid outlines sometimes with no background. The guide lines on the face too. Again, i am assuming this is a finished piece.

    I like the feet! The whole thing is very good for someone who doesnt draw often. Lets see some more.


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