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    HI, I also tried doing a 1 hour long class on poses, here are the results.

    almost all of these poses are not really complete becaue adding new lines ruins the flow of the pose and I do not know how to make it work. Then i just took 2 minutes for the 5 minute poses because I get stuck the moment I have to add new details because anatomy scares the crap out of me and the pose that came out was so different than the reference I wouldn't base on the image to reproduce the details.

    An other question can I ask... what requires to learn to get to this result?



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You know, Idon'tknow, the thing about doing a 5-minute drawing is that you don't need to get it finished and perfect right away. It can and will help you just drill and drill yourself. Yet, I'm not getting enough of that holisticness in your figures yet. Would you like to work more from your shoulders with 6 minutes of 2-minute poses, followed by 7 mins of 60-second poses?

The reason is because, your attitudes will become much more exaggerated, expressive, and emotional. For more details, please look into the free PDF of The Vilppu Drawing Manual.

Thanks, and good night.



So first you did a great job on your gestures. I think you are the type of person that learn by copying other wich is great (at least I'm not alone).

What I can critique is straight line NEVER do it on gestures drawings because it breaks the flow. Apart of that you've done a good job.


I highly disagree with the "never a straight line on gesture" part.

One cure for a balloon body problem is to make sure, to counteract curves with straights on the limbs, for example.

Also, "flow" isn't the only possible focus for gesture drawing. If you want to emphasize perspective and massively simplify geometric forms, you will use tons of straight lines.

There must be 1000 other good reasons to use straight lines on occassion.

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Hi I don't know, unfortunately I can't open your link and your sketchbook doesn't show anything. Is it because you want just certain people to comment? Which would also be okay for me.


I don't post on my sketchbook, i post them on imgur link. To me and many others the link works, I have no idea why you can't see it. Perhaps it is a bug of the site or something

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