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    These are the first of my gesture drawings (excluding the tutorial I guess). Any advice would be really appreciated!

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    These really capture the motion of the poses


    Not bad at all! Try to draw the ribcage and hips before the limbs and the joints


    You definitively got the basic idea! The lines are there and you can see the poses ment for each sketch. I'd advise you'd give another 30s for each sketch to outline the silhouette of the reference, ignoring minor details for now, like facial structures and such, only the outline, so you'll get how shapes and forms works for bodies. Little by little, you can integrate that 2nd wind on the 1st part, so you can learn both anatomical structures more easily and drawing faster, so when you feel more comfortable, you'll be able to draw a full silhoutte with important details even within the 30s intervals.

    Off to a great start! Go go! :D


    Thank you guys for the kind words :)! I tried to follow your guys' advice with today's gesture drawings

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