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    I only just started practicing gestures/figure drawing, even though i've been a professional artist for years lol. I want to mainly practice putting more energy into the bodies i draw and making them more natural, ande making it easier for me to draw full bodies, since i have a bad habit of only doing portraits. I'd love some critique on proportions too, and really whatever i need improving on. i want to draw cartoons again so i need to get better at simple bodies that still look like... bodies lol

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    how to i post pictures????? im so confused


    ok i figured it out but idk how to embed the photo, but heres a link: practice drawings google drive!


    Funkle, that's the older illustration that I've already critiqued last night, same as the last critique, as of tonight. Way to go on your remarkable and amusing action and proportions. I am so in love with your rough sketches and sustained body portraits.

    My tinest suggestion to your proportions is that most of the figures are perfectly and extraordinarily proportioned, but I'm not getting enough of the fundamentals of drawing proportions and angles (relationships). How about you check out your figures in perspective? All you have to do is, take a few poses you've roughed out, and then you'll fit them into the vanishing points from this link here, and the Figure it out perspective book, using your custom 2 hour class drawing, using flipped horizontal images. The reason is clearly, so that you'd be getting into drawing the edges and relationships more intuitively, using your right side, over your left side of the brain. See Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

    Good luck to you and I hope this makes sense, and helps.

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