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    Hi, I'm relatively new to drawing, been self teaching for a few months so far. These are some 30 sec. drawings, I think I'm getting the hang of it but not really sure what area I should work on first. Any feedback is appreciated! (Some of them kind of run into each other so apologies for that)

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    It looks like you're having some good success with identifying the line of action in a short amount of time. I think from here, I would move to class mode (such as the half hour session) and start trying to add some volume to your line skeletons. See what other lengths of time yield you. :)

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    Hello and good afternoon, rpk.

    I'm really enjoying looking at your first-ever 30 second rough attitudes. Great job on showing the lines of action, balance and rhythm. WAY TO GO!

    I'm thinking is that though your lines of action have been rapidly identified well in 30 seconds, but I'm not getting enough of a sense of give and life to them. Would you be OK if you did 6 minutes of 29 second poses, on our custom timer? (360 seconds/29 seconds="ruffly" 12 poses) The sense behind this is because, you'll get to work out your lines of action even more quickly than your 30 second poses; more or less. For more inspiration, click on this link. It can help you out on your current goal. It's OK if you'd scribble, because, it'll help you out for a reason and one reason only: to help you loosen up your lines of action. Hope this helps you out very much.



    Presentation makes art. Make sure that you rotate your work so that when someone looks at your illustration, we see from the viewpoint you draw. This can be a put off for some not to critique or even look at your work. How much you care is the height of how much someone else will care for your drawings.

    A few of these gestures feel pleasant, fluid, and dynamic for just a few lines. As to the drawings themselves, my main suggestion would be only to draw one gesture on a page. Or, if you are digitally drawing, you can not see any other form- giving you the appearance of a blank surface. You may want to do this because once you have more than one figure on the page, you are now in the realm of composition, meaning that you have to fit one image around the former image. It can hamper your flow, and slow down your progress.

    All the best,

    JCML Fine Art

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