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    Hi Akiresa,

    I hope you are still out there and gesturing away!
    Sorry that you haven't revieced an earlier reply here.

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the post!

    There are lots of good stuff going on in your gestures.
    You could concentrate more on where the force of the character is going.
    You could ask yourself, "Why are the hips being pushed out like that?"
    Where is that force coming from? That would be an ending point in the line of action.
    Also try looking into perspective and attempt drawing blocks in perspective.
    This will help you build up more control.

    We all start at the beginning and the only real advice is practice, practice, practice, but also don't forget to study ;-)

    I have only been gesturing for 18 months but you can see my progress and what I've changed and tried out on my blog. I use this site and: for practising.

    You can find me here: +

    Kind regards,

    P.S.: come back and show us more, soon!


    Thanks Stu :) i have seen your works.... you have sutch clean lines even for 30s ones... I did them in digital.... and even then i couldnt even get to sutch clean lines :D and definetly.... i am just trying to learn to draw humans.... so i can expand my fantasy work from just winged wolves dragons to more angelic faery demon types too


    Hi Akiresa!

    Your gestures look really good. :) The only thing that I see at this time is your tendency to draw proportionally short legs. While there is definitely some foreshortening going on that warrants it, it might be good to pay attention to how long a leg is compared to the rest of the body in the reference photo!

    In the bottom left gesture, I also can't quite figure out if I'm looking at the front or back. The 'spine' line you drew doesn't correspond with the spine from the reference image, and it looks like the chest is facing towards us rather than the back. Something to take note of, too. :)

    Overall you're doing really well! Keep practicing and it can help to look back a week later and compare your gesture to the original. Time allows us to spot mistakes and find out how to fix these things, so don't be afraid to go back and study your studies!

    As a special note, please be careful about posting screenshots from our tool. Not all the photographers who donated their photos to us allow for that kind of sharing in the licenses. We're hoping to replace every photo in the tool with our own that we have the rights to so this isn't an issue, but in the meantime I recommend only uploading your drawings and not the photos themselves. That way we're sure nobody gets in trouble. :)


    Thanks Sanne i will take that in considiration :)

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