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    Hi all,

    Just started. Been practicing for 20 minutes a day for five days. Would appreciate any feedback on how I'm doing so far. All of them were drawn in sixty seconds.


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    Hello and good evening, ladyjade, allow me to introduce myself, I'm Polyvios. I'm fine, how are you? Say, you're doing a great job on your lines of action and caricature, but the cartooning and caricature is percolating as we speak. Not enough caricature and exaggeration and burlesque. Would you please push yourself and your figure drawings with 30 minutes of 30 second quick sketches in 6 days? (60 sketches x 6 days=360 sketches)

    So that your speed and satires will become the most looser and more charming as much as or more than Fred Moore. For more details, be sure to look into Deviant Art, Pinterest and Proko for gesture drawing tutorials and books. Good luck and I hope these help, encourage and benefit you.


    Hi Ladyjade,

    I watched for a few minutes your drawings and I would have some little questions for you.

    Are you trying to capture the movement or the proportions, or maybe both?Maybe something else?

    In the beginning you were using articulations, and maybe trying to have everything right can be overwhelming for the moment. Maybe you should trying to use at first flow lines, like a liquid would go up and down, like seeing a river from above and then add more technical elements like contour and edges, of even the volume of the head. It takes a lot of time to feel and understand the volume of a model, especially through a screen, and I'm an advocate for focusing on one thing at a time. Sixty seconds is very short and you should focus on less details in my opinion: be more expressive, nobody has a right and definitive answer.

    None the less and whatever my point is, your work is interesting and you really seem to try to capture the action of the model. You only need more time and I'm sure you're on the path for a better understanding of the figure.

    Thanks for your submissions and take my words only for what they are: thoughts not facts. I could be totally wrong and I hope you have a lot of returns on your work.


    Thanks both of you for your honest critique and recommendations. I'm currently on day three of the thirty second quick sketches for thirty minutes as suggested by Polyvios.


    As for my thought process, I cant really explain, I guess it can be summed up as first trying to capture the motion, then seeing something looking off, trying to fix it, it looks worse, time is up, next sketch appears, rinse and repeat. I have no formal background in art, people have told me I could draw and I guess this year I just wanted to learn properly and start from the basics.

    I dont know if I'm improving but the thirty seconds forces me to just draw the overall figure and leaves me no chance to second guess or go back over any lines. Have to learn line confidence and unlearn “chicken scratching”.

    Anyways, thanks again for taking the time out to look and critique, I really appreciate it.

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