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    At the moment I rotate between different things (classes, longer drawings, different pens and styles, digital and paper ...)... as practice.

    I do this mostly because it is much more fun for me to experiment and foul around.


    Although I think there is some progress in the quality of my drawings over time and I am more and more happy with the results, for me the joy of the process is very important and the main reason for drawing... Do you have some advice about staying focussed on one thing, technique or mixing different styles and excercises?

    Is the some established middleground and do you have some suggestions for a usefull practice routine rotation?

    Should I focus more on one thing or do you have any other advice.

    Thx alot

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    So, Pastabrother, I really do hafta say that you've got too much potential. You're going great on your figures, faces and expressions, and textures, too. I'm really feeling that you're doing a greater job as you can. I love the level of energy and vitality in your figures' lines of action and light touches. And more importantly, how much of the edges, spaces, relationships, and colors are totally and absolutely coming thru to me in my eyes.

    However, I've got two suggestions: 1) Some of the figures, despite the precise anatomy, have some very stiff and heavy lines there. Would you like to loosen up your gestures?

    2) Some of the tones and shades of the face seem a bit too off and flat to me. Would you please go back to the basics of color relationships??

    Some of the Reasons: First of all, you'll be able to make your drawings the least abstract and the most fuctional as you're drawing them in the poses. And second of all, to make your tones of the facial expressions and portraits look and feel beautiful as you can. And if you wanna learn more details, be sure to look at this video below,

    and this video on color relationships, too.

    And so, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your goals.


    Love your work @Pastabrother!

    I would suggest you start off by focusing on the foundation like the anatomy, proportions, gesture drawing etc..Once they become second nature, you will find that mixing stuff or creating your own concepts becomes that much more fun! Of course you dont have to spend all your time on the foundation, you can just take a break from time to time and try something different.

    Cheers and good luck!


    Thanks for your advise. I will continue my classes here and mix it up with other things.

    Also the videos helped with good inputs to loose up a bit and have some fun at the same time... (caricatures) thanks.

    I made some funny small series out of it... Also to draw the same motive multiple times in short succession was quite helpfull so see the effects of small and subtile changes.

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