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    Opened this today with excitement,but as I started to set up the options for drawing I got irritated. Why does every app/site/program has to have time settings? What if I do not want to set the time?
    I always wanted to learn anatomy of people (+other things) but this thing really irritates me,because with my drawing I always take my time,I do not rush,I always end up with different time. So why does this site has time settings? I know artists want to end with drawing quickly and they want to build up their skills. But some artist does not want to rush with time.
    If there was like option of "none" time,that would be great.
    I like the site really much,but time hurts me.

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    I understand your frustration since sometimes I too just want to draw without the pictures switching to the next. So I usually do this in "2. What kind of session?" I pick "All the same length" and then "3. What time interval?" I choose to put in my time in seconds. Usually, I put something like 3600 sec. since it = to 1 hour which is plenty of time for me to finish that one drawing.


    Hi RottingOfMemory!

    I'm really sorry the way our features are setup is not meeting your specific needs. The tools are mainly designed to complement a 'traditional' method of gesture study, which doesn't mean you get the chance to refine and sketch into serious detail like you would without some sort of timer.

    IPanic made a good suggestion though! We have custom timers, which technically means you can set a really long timer too. I hope that helps?

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