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    i would really appreciate any feedback on some of my art (lmk if the link doesn't work)

    i've uploaded a lot of stuff in one go, so i'm sorry there are quite a few images and they're a bit random (faces, hands, figure drawing) but feedback on anything would be great

    and sorry about the bad lighting-

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    Good morning, wxnter, and welcome to line of action, and how are you doing this morning? I love how much of the greatest range of motion and spaces and staging of the poses and facial features and facial expressions, but you have tons of promise and tons of talent, yet I think that you learning curves are definitely and postively and absolutely on the rightest track, however, I feel that your lines and marks are defintely too rigidest and farthest too stilted. How would you kindly free up your gesture drawing skills with our interactive drawing tutorial right here.

    The reason why you would, should, and could do this tutorial is because it is the interactive tutorial for any and every newest member of our website, if they aren't already too familiar with gesture drawing before or since. And last but not least, if you start of anything with 30 seconds or less, then your range of animation and movement will dramatically and exponentially improve, the more you warm up, the best. For most improvement tips and tricks, please look into Andrew Loomis's Fun with a Pencil, Figure Drawing For All It's Worth, and many, many more. Hope these have helped you the most.


    Wow dude, you have such a great illustration style, Im so jealous with how well you draw clothing. I can tell these are mostly quick ish sketches and you managed a solid process for these pieces.

    You have a really solid grasp of the Loomis method for drawing heads and faces, but I you need to practice putting a little more time in them. As poly said, warms ups are a god send for really loosening yourself up and getting most of a subject down on paper, but I think maybe its time you also started practicing some longer poses. Your concentrating on really nailing the eyes nose and mouth on your faces that I don't think you rememer to take the time with the hair and shading.

    A great way to use this website is to upload one type of work at a time too. You posted a lot of different types of studies and its harder for us to give you actionable advice when there are so many things to analyze and work on. I focused on the portraits, but maybe you wanted more input on the figures or gesture drawings. Or maybe you might get overwhelmed by the amount of critique you receive and don't know where to work on first.

    BTW your lighting was fine! Picture Orientation needed a little work though :)

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    thanks! I've just done the tutorial and it was definitely helpful :)


    Drunkenelf - thank you!! you're totally right though, I hardly ever spend a lot of time on one drawing, I'll definitely work on that :)


    i've redone one of the portraits from the original link, i tried to spend more time on it- feedback appreciated (again)


    Greatest than great job on clearly defining your forces and form of that facial sketch, but the forces all seem too stilted to me, so how would you like to go for 5 minutes of 30 second expression sketches, please? So that your facial anatomy will become the least timidest and the most broadest in terms of expression and movement. For most details and info, please pick up a copy of the Andrew Loomis book on Faces and Hands.

    Have the nicest day!


    hey wxnter, wow, it looks like you are on a real drawing streak:)
    i can clearly see an improvement in your last portrait, it looks great!
    i think you are especially good at drawing noses and you have a nice grasp of the 3 dimensional form of the nose. the same goes for the eyes: i like how you show the difference in form of the eye facing towards us and the eye facing away.
    i think there are two main things you can still improve on:
    1. check your proportions again. right now your chin area is longer than the nose or the forehead. unless it is intentional, i would make the chin shorter. and the head needs a little bit more volume on top and in the back.
    2. i'm not sure about the crosshatching. in some areas it looks great, but in other areas you get a little bit sloppy and that quickly makes it look messy and more like texture than shadow. additionally the hatching is drawn very lightly. i think it would be good, to have more contrast between light and dark.

    i did some drawings to make my points more clear:

    All in all i think you are already doing the right thing: practicing a lot!:)
    one can clearly see that you have a good understanding of drawing, so just keep going and the rest will fall in place automatically:)

    have a nice day!

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    Greatest job on your display of head and face movement, negatives, and relationships in your feedback, still it's not organic and flowing enough to me, so how would you like to do 31 more minutes of 60 second(1 minute) drawings? As a result, your facials and expressions will become less self-conscious and more dynamic, alive, and motivated from within. For most info, please kindly look into the PDF of the Andrew Loomis book, Drawing The Heads And Hands.

    My hat's off to you, and hope it's informational.


    Hi wxnter! your drawings look to me very talented. The way you capture faces is impressive.I am reslly fond of the thumbnails you post ed. Very interesting perspectives.


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