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    Hi All,

    I've been working on 1 min gestures, specifically for animation, focusing on energy, weight, and line efficiency (not sure if that's the right term but hopefully you get the idea.) Any and all crit is welcome, and if there is something else I should focus on too let me know!

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    Hello there, and salutations, Rakun. I love how much gesture and forces you've got going on there.

    So, if I could and would provide you a critique or two, then it would be to exaggerate those bending over poses just a little bit more, thru the lines of action and rhythm, through going thru 130 minutes of 30 second drawings (130 x 60/30, 7800/30=260 rough sketches of attitude sketches)

    The reason why you would and could do this critique is because, you would, could, and furthermore, should give you most of the animator's lines in the dynamic, spontaneous and vital animator's sketches.

    I praise your future efforts, and I hope you've found this completely and totally beneficial and newsy.

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