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    hi im new and I plan to post here every day.
    I made some gesture drawings and I was hoping that I could get some critique.

    these are 5 min drawings I know that that is a bit long but 2 min drawings just infuriate me.
    I still need to let go of that sense of perfectionism.

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    my drawings for today


    Hey dutch! Love that you've started to gesture, its an extremely healthy habit to practice! In your gestures, I would like to recommend searching for the forms of the body, rather than the lines. The lines are what you draw, but they are based on what the body is rather than what it looks like.

    I'd also like to rec Matt A's gesture videos! They've done me wonders since I began practicing gestures.

    This is his series on figure drawing!! -->


    Hope this helps!


    thank you!
    I will try to focus more on the forms.


    Hey dutch, welcome to the site!

    In addition to the playlist that was posted, we also have some quick getting started articles to help you out:


    Heyo! I think you're doing good, but I think you're right in that perfectionism is your enemy here. Remember, you're not going for a finished piece, you're wanting to roughly convey the idea of motion. I'd even simplify your gesture down to just a few lines if you have a lot of trouble fighting your urge to make a clean outline of something.
    Look up the channel Proko on youtube, he's got a series of videos about gesture drawing that might loosen you up.
    Also, I recommend trying to use your whooooole arm to draw, and make long sweeping lines that covey the motion of the figure instead of outlining the silhouette of the figure, which is what looks like is happening with your drawings

    Great start though, keep it up! <3


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