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    So, I've been trying to practice gesture for a week, but I'm quite lost. I've attempted to do it in one minute-30s. I know that I shouldn't try to do contour. But somehow when I look for the line of action, it ends up seeming to me that's what I'm doing. =/

    This is a 30.s attempt.

    I'd really appreciate your critique and advice.

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    I'm really seeing all your improvement on that scribble, Ginna, yet, I've got one small request: Why don't you do yet another 1 minute of 29 second sketches ((29x2)+2s), pretty please? The reason why is because, your line of action will become even more stronger that it would be in reality. To do that, screen capture one of the figure poses, then sketch it out in 2 seconds. For more details, look for the pdf of the Vilppu Drawing Manual, or invest in a used physical copy of that. Hope and pray that it'll surely work.

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    Thanks a lot for your excellent advice! I am going to try that!


    When approaching gesture drawing, you have to look/feel the movement of the pose.

    this is a good video explaining more about gesture/movement.

    Think more about the movement of the pose (the direction of the arms, torso, legs, head, etc.) and just keep practicing! You'll get there if you practice alot.

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    I've noticed a lot of the gestural drawing are lacking basic forms for structure. You can still do a gesture drawing with laying out basic forms for structure.


    Hi Ginna,

    Honestly, your drawing isn't bad at all for a 30s pose, your proportions are pretty good and the pose is very readable. it's not very dynamic thought and feels that you are very careful with your lines as if you are drawing your lines slowly.

    I would recommend limiting your self for one or two types of lines may be C curves and stretched S curves of just straights (don't overuse straits though it will stiffen the drawing) and draw them as quick as you can, just drop the accuracy for a few exercises and then try to be more accurate.

    Keep it up.


    Yoi, thank you so much. Your suggestion is really helpful! I have read so much about gesture and seens so many different ways to approach it, I might have started to become too careful with it and a little fearful of going the wrong direction with it. I gave it a rest for two weeks while I practiced some other things, and now I am going to start working on it again. I'll follow your advice! Thanks!


    Hi Keithdustin! Thanks for your advice! I understand what you say about structure! I've been studying structure for a couple of months and I thought I should not try to lay that out while practicing gesture (I've read lots of different ways to approach gesture and I got a little bit lost in the way) , but I gave figure drawing a two week rest while focusing on other exercises and now I'm ready to try new suggestions. Thank you very much!

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