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    I've been drawing for a few months now and one of my most reoccurring questions is if I am doing gesture drawings right so to help fix that I came here.

    I did these 60 seconds each

    These ones were 30 seconds each

    And my question to you is; am I doing them right? and how can I improve them.

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    hello there.Yes the gestures are correct and they are looking good during the time you made them.In the gestural stage rhythm flow and energy should be the emphasis.Use flowing lines without interuptions check michaels hampton book figure drawing design and invention as it covers a lot in this topic,also check out his blog as there are many examples and drawings to be studied,check the gestures  and study them, hope ive helped :)


    Thanks, I actually gave up on getting any advice from here and was about to repost this somewhere else until I saw your post.

    I knew about Michael Hampton's book but not about the website, Thanks.

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